Windham, Connecticut

After many purchases including my 81 year old mom that sleeps on an down mattress including my 20 year old daughter bought about 5 years ago you would think Bobs cared? Well there moto is after the purchase you own it!!

Furniture also!! Couldnt resist buying 2 sets in 2 years.(DUHHH) We found padding inside moving around causing buldging all over! I bet your now thinking we are 300 LBS. and that is what happens.

Guess what? My 20 year old weighs 105 LBS. and my mom wighs about 135 LBS. My wife And I are both less than 200 LBS.

and Bob says our furniture even with the warranty claims I need too contact the manufactuer!!?

I gave up after months of his snotty people in his out of town help.! GOOD LUCK too anyone with problems.

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You sound like a Bob's employee, Craig.


So let me get this right, you believe you deserve special treatment over other customers because you have been to the store on several occassions to make purchases? So the warranties and policies applied to everyone else should be overlooked in your case, and Bob's should just do whatever you ask?

If they are telling you that you should contact the manufacturer, that is probably because you are out of warranty, and the funiture is years old and Bob's does not do business with that company anymore. There would be no other reason that Bob's would ever tell someone to contact a manufacturer directly, since Bob's itself handles the warranty claims for the manufacturers warranty.

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