1875 South Willow Street, Manchester, NH 03103
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I had just a horrible experience I bought a mattress, box spring, and the frame it is not the one I checked out in the store within 3 days I called them told them i was waking hurting more with this 1500 bed then i did my old bed said it was hard as a rock it doesnt feel the same bed i picked out at the store they said it was new needed to be worked in blah blah they said give it 30 days and I could return it guess what called again because it was still hard as a rock and It was messing up my back it's not comfortable I hate it not happy with it I wasnt sleeping thru the night because I was uncomfortable all night because I felt like I was laying on the floor all that they had the nerve to tell me I had to do it before 30 days I said hold on I did already call and they said I had to wait and they said sorry you were told wrong information all this crap I was so mad so now I'm stuck with a 1500 bed that feels like I'm sleeping on the floor I hurt every morning and I got bed bugs from the box spring sadly didnt find out till a month later I had to get an bug guy come in and spray my house the bugs done made it to my daughter bed and everything asked them about my goof proof that my sales rep instead on keeping bed bugs out thats they only reason I paid 200 bucks for it cause I do live in apartments ya never kno but I havent ever had them yet till I got the bed and once I did find out I checked everywhere and they were inside the box spring the worse plus their homes but back to the good proof she tells me my sales rep should have never said that because they do not cover bed bugs because their beds dont have bugs ha your funny even my bug guy said that's where they came from he would even write me a statement they could careless I hate this place

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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