Boston, Massachusetts

On the 15th of april 2013 i went to bobs furniture in dedham mass,i purchased a bedroom set and mattress and scheduled it to b picked up on the 27th of april. U would think thats plenty of time for it to arrive, well it wasnt.

the ordeder was placed wrong it was made to be shipped to my house and i requested pick up so y would u ship to my house?? ok fine so i asked what time will it be delivered to my house, and here is the worst part my order was not even in my state and will take 2 more weeks to arrive. my girlfriend who is 8 months pregnant will now have to sleep on the floor. and they said theres nothing then can do he tells ms hey it happens!!!!

with that said DO NOT BUY FROM BOBS FURNITURE!!! According to them they have discounted prices so anything that goes wrong on there behalf u have to suck it up. Sooooooo unprofessional.


Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set.

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