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i purchased a dining room table set from BOB'S and a few weeks later the arm chair leg snapped in half when a friend sat on the chair...4 months later still waiting for my replacement and all they keep saying its on order just waiting for the piece to arrive from over seas...what load of ***...BOB'S sucks a quality is garbage I feel like I just bought high end IKEA furniture...but even IKEA moves faster than these jerkoffs...I spent over 10 grand on my furniture and you cant replace a simple dam armchair leg...wtf I hate BOB'S quick to take your money but *** when they have to honor there socalled goofproof...never will make this *** mistake again...

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Dayton, Ohio, United States #941923

I doubt they have a box of armchair legs in the backroom just waiting for something like this to happen. It's cheap furniture manufactured in Asia, they don't make it themselves.

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