Acushnet, Massachusetts
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I had purchased a couch and entertainment center from Bobs in New Bedford, Mass.....well I WILL NEVER again do business with this place they hire "delivery people" who cant deliver a package of tomatoes never mind furniture...............they were rushing because they had so many deliveries and couldnt be bothered to get the couch upstairs they said it was too big....bull *** my money back for both items over 1k and they lost not 1 but 6 customers as I am spreading the word..........and they have cheap stuff as well dont fall for there BOB O PEDIC is *** spend the extra for good furniture the manager there is an ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Sofa.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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i like it there craig is a nice guy, some of the workers there are dee dee dees agreed and i dont know who is delivering nowadays but when i worked there *** got done and *** went in the house they tried anmd tried and tried regardless how many deliveries...sometimes they'd be out til 11 i feel this post is useless


and the person that wrong the original review is a classless fool so i would desregard his input...did you ever think that the way you wrote that raises the quesiton of who the real *** is???


yes he is talking about bobs original discount not just bobs... and yes they are absolutely useless they have the WORST costumer service I have ever seen in any store never mind a furniture store! they lost A LOT of business from me!


omg, u are so ***. u are talking about a different company ***.

if u go on, you will plainly see that bob's discount furniture does nto have a location in New Bedford,MA. that company is "The Original Bob's Discount FUrniture" not the same company.