Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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this is robert rober i use to work at the warehouse for bobs furniture located on 447 n lewis rd, warehouse name xpolegictics. i am making a complaint on the behalf of the supervisor TANIA SANTIAGO.

She isnt a professional supervisor,she talks to us the way she wants and feels as though that satisfies her. she also tries to play games with her workers load to see if we paying attention which is not professional at all and which makes us late to our shipments or to load up our truck. TANIA SANTIAGO hasnt called me to go in to work for two days now, when which a supervisor is suppose to give the call if we are working or not the next day. i feel as though thats discrimination upon me because she stated how hard is it to read when TANIA knows my situation about reading.

ive been with that company for over 6 months now. never had any situation intill she came from another location.

TANIA is the down fall to the good workers that is doing they job correctly. no matter if our scores were 100% TANIA will still put us down and not be professional because if one team falls we all do she stated, which is unfair to the good workers.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Wah, wah, wah,wah......get over it poly pissy pants!