Taunton, Massachusetts
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those sob's at bobs.... they gave me rlly bad service, they slept on the job (on my bed) and i fould a needle in my mattress.....

(i wonder what is for) the delivery guys, (mexicans) took 2 hours to deliver my bed.

yes i am not happy...... BOBS FAILS!!hjdvghjavfuirkg rughiu hu guh gio;dfhgiodfh iohyg ipfhg iopfo hgifopyh goifyoifhyoieh gior i io io oighisdfhvkjnio huiogf sdfioh vuiosdfhg uodfgh uio uiv jiohdvikjiogdjb dfklbjdfkoh iog uofgu hvh h h h h h h h h hh h h hh h hh hh h h h h h hh h h h h

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Delivery Service.

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maybe u should tel ted english to stop doin drugs


dude ur such a *** retard u cant just make *** up and put up here


his name is Ted English you ***..and there is NO way you found a needle in your new mattress, unless its from you and you forgot dropping it there.


Dont bother buying the goof proof plan, they dont honor it.

Top people at bobs bozos

Chairman Stanley Adelstein

CEO Edmond English

President Robert Kaufman

Are all so rich they dont care about their


Just want to talk a line an sell you junk

what happened to American and quality like we had when I was growing up

everything is now made over seas in taiwan or maylasia.


Watch the news tuesday night, if bobs is not at my house after three for a service call, we are taking the chair and channel ninie news to their door step. Lets see if they like the bad publicity.

and a few news papers will be their. anyone who has a bad experience with bobs bozos will knwo what im taling about.


*** u ur a lieing piece of *** im a manager at bobs and im mexican


Yesterday, I purchased a sectional from Bob's. After reading the reviews, I must say I am a little nervous.

However, starting June 12th I will like to update you on my experience with Bob's Discount Furniture.

I will let you know what I've experienced with delivery, condition of the furniture once delivered and customer service. :)


thats intense! were they mexican.

there into some harsh stuff man. by the way irish douint be a hater man


:( irish ur a *** for saying that u dount even know the person u cant say that but alos that same thing happened to me


:eek dude that same thing happened to me


I think you are the drug user with the second part of your letter not being real words.


I think you are the drug user with the second part of your letter not being real words.

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