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I was looking for a sleeper sofa and love seat because I was moving to a new place and did not want to bring my old ones I had for 10 yrs. After talking with the sales guys he told me the Maggie was the best choice and that's what I went to look at anyway.

I purchased the 92" sleeper and the love seat at end of July 2013 and had it delivered on the second of August. He tried to sell me on goof proof but I did not *** maybe I should have, but I did on the selling point of the memory foam mattress. The couches are very uncomfortable to sit on and don't even try to get comfy with your feet up to watch a movie. In both position you fall in between the cushions and they shift because they are not thick.

In between them have sag and it's only January. Now the sleeper. That was to be my bed but it's not very comfy so I go between the floor and my daughter's bed and it. I was laying on it one night.

About 2 months in when my son sat beside me and the side of the frame just bent up. I'm scared to sleep on it now because I don't want it to bend anymore then I'd be out of a bed and a sofa.

I went out-of-town and my sister dog sat and when I came back she told she understood what I have been complaining about because the sofa was so uncomfortable to lay done on. I have not called because from what the sales guy explained I would not be able to call because I did not accept the goof proof even if it was damaged while they were delivering it, the damages would be on me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Cushion.

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Please call customer service! You have a one year guarantee on all merchandise REGARDLESS of if you purchase the goof!

If you call customer service, a service technician will be sent to your home. Once the report from the tech is in (the same day he comes out) you'll speak with customer care, just make sure he calls from your house. As long as it's deemed a manufacturing defect, which it sounds like it is, you can get it replaced or have parts ordered. You also have the option of re-selecting to something entirely different.

If you re-select, you can purchase the 5 year, Goof Proof Plus, which covers single incident, accidental customer caused damages, while the merchandise is IN the home (not being moved from one location to another, though if you are re-arranging it will still be covered as long as you have help) AND manufacturing defects. Unlimited parts and service for those 5 years and after the first year, one time replacement, within the first year, however many it takes to make sure it's in good condition. Just, please call customer service. The number is 800-569-1284.

You can even email askbob@mybobs.com and let them know exactly what happened.

Also, please make sure you let them know the sales associate told you you didn't have coverage. Though it is on your receipt that your merchandise is guaranteed for one year.


Educated consumers know the cheapest price means you get exactly what you pay for. A little research before shopping and you would see just how awful Bob's Furniture really is. Next time research before you buy and contact the company directly--not this useless website.