Lawrenceville, Georgia

I was hesitant shopping at bobs,After reading all the negative reviews. They were great though..very happy to help..and all about customer service..they went above and beyond my expectations!!

they accomodated me to the max and made sure i was satisfied..the ladies on the phone were great..very helpful and patient and the employees at the Woodbridge, New Jersey store are awesome. The furniture is good quality and not expensive at all. The wait for delivery isn't long and the store atmosphere is pleasing.They are doing a excellent job and I think everyone should try them if they are looking to furnish their house.

I furnished my whole house from Bobs. I paid far less then what my husband and I expected.

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How did you get Bob's furniture living in GA?????????

I'm so confused! Did you order it and pick it up before you move to this area?


How inept. Why would you write a review before you have even received the furniture?

You obviously don't take this site seriously enough to at least wait for the transaction to be fully completed. You've paid but don't have squat yet.


Maritza I'm glad your so protective if your job. It must be great working at Bob's but please don't mislead people, Bob's customer service lacks, God forbid you have a furniture service issue, most importantly they sell cheap furniture for a reason, you end up with *** that falls apart in months!!!

You do not get your money's worth if you end up buying 2 bedroom sets in 1 year. Please tell your CEO to pay their Chinese factories better so that they can produce quality goods.


Bob's has made some changes to how his company runs. Tom I'm sorry you had such a bad experience but things are way better now.

You no longer have to wait so long to speak to someone in customer care, it takes no longer than 5 minutes. Linda I'm glad you enjoy your furniture :)


Linda you are lucky that you received your furniture in time and "think" its quality goods. I hope your furniture lasts a long time.

My bedroom set from Bobs lasted 6 months and we gave up on their customer service because they are so inept. My bed rails, frame and chest drawers all fell apart. When we complained to customer service, it was like talking to a wall and you are on hold for over an hour!!!!

It was so bad that we had to buy a new bedroom set from Raymour's. We paid more but its been 3 months, no complaints my set is solid as a rock.