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Time frame was between 10:15 & 2:15 it is now 2:15....Bobs "Delivery Tracker" told us 10:45 at around 9am this morning..Why have a "delivery tracker" if it is not accurate at all? If they cant keep time frame promise how good can the furniture be?and why do i have to submit AT LEAST 100 words think we can get our point acrooss with just a few words & really do not want to tear BOBS up to much!!l lsls lll sll sll s ls ll sl sl s ls lsls l sl sl s lls ls lss rrrr

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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You do realize that you are not THE ONLY PERSON on a delivery route right? Was there a delay due to a previous stop, traffic, etc?

Do you even know? Like Amazon, Fed Ex, USPS trackers, they only update as stops and deliveries are made, each event is logged in a computer then updates the tracker.

They offer a time-frame as a courtesy. Like any service that gives a time-frame, any logically thinking person would understand that *** happens on the road.

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