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Purchased a great looking bedroom set at a great price. Guess you get what you pay for because although the furniture is great, when you go to utilize the protection plan, its nothing but a headache!

I bought the furniture a few years back and last year I needed to have them come out and fix my bed (4 slats and one rail all of a sudden gave out when i laid on it one day). I went back and forth with the goof proof people (Guardsman I believe?), sent them all sorts of pictures only to a few weeks later have them tell me they couldn't help me because I filed the a month after the incident occurred (must be within 3 days). I knew that was impossible seeing that I called and filled out the online paperwork almost immediately! Upon checking the paperwork, I realized I had a typo and must have put 6/7/11 instead of 7/6/11 or something like that.

It was TOTALLY INSANE that they refused to come fix it due to a TYPO! I tried to refile the claim with the actual date and it was denied. I called Bob's and was basically politely told 'tough luck.' And although they were very polite at Bob's, I was still HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED in the fact they weren't even willing to speak to the repair company. And unfortunately, the person at bob's also made an bad joke when I explained what happened to my bed...

when i said the slats gave out, his first reply was "wow- what have you doing on it" with a little laughter. Unprofessional and didn't help the situation. My warranty was up shortly after that whole mess, they refused to fix it and since the end of last year my mattress has been held up by books where the broken slats are. I am looking into a handyman to fix it.

Because I have no choice but to pay myself to have it fixed, it's bringing back all my disappointment in Bob's. Buyer Beware :(

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Bob Cares

Hi Nicole,

I'd be glad to see what I can do to help out here. Please email me at and we'll have someone in touch..Thanks, Eric.

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