We purchased a complete living room package and was worried about the furniture because of our cats. The saleman told us about the goof proof protection that would cover us in case of any rips or damage caused by our pets.

well this morning I noticed a rather large rip on the back of our loveseat. I called to place a claim only to be told that if it was caused by our pets it wasn't covered. I told them I am not sure how it happened but am assuming it was the cats....our 3 teenagers have said they know nothing about the rip. All I know is that last week when I moved it there was no rip this morning it was there.

the only thing they can do is sell me a piece of fabric for $120.00 then I have to find someone to repair it. NEVER buying from the or recommending them again.

Review about: Bobs Discount Furniture Protection Plan.

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Bob Cares

I'm sorry to hear that the Goof plan isn't working as you anticipated. Please contact BobCares@MyBobs.com with your order info...Thanks, Eric.


let's see now. Cats in house, teenagers in house.

No problems there!

Why shuld they cover damage obviously caused by human and animal residents? Be real!

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