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Bob Furniture 5 year Protection plan is a scam. The protection plan does not cover all things after the 30 days, as the salesperson say it...Sounds good but it is not. The Manufacturers warranty is garbage, they are trying to take your money. Go check out Bob's Furniture remove the cushions of a sectional furniture, you will find only one spring with sticks of wood holding the cushion up, after a while you will see the furniture sinking in. The screws on the table and on the chair begins to loosen up and you have to constantly tighten the screws. Not worth the money spent
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The goof proof is a protection plan that covers you for accidental damages in the home. Bob's merchandise does come with a complimentary one year manufacturing warranty.

After the one year has expired we also offer a complimentary "best effort" service where we would come to your home and attempt to repair anything related to manufacturing defects.

The issues you descibe sound like something we can remedy for you. If you'd give me a shout at I'll be in touch shortly...Thanks, Eric.

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Bob Furniture Goof Proof Plan of Protection | Bobs Discount Furniture in Bellevue, Washington

I call bob furniture goof protection plan because the sectional furniture I bought after one year were sinking in, to find out that one spring was holding up the cushions in the entire sectional. The customer service representative said they could not replace the pieces after the 30 days of purchase. Warning to everyone before purchasing a piece of furniture from Bob's Furniture check out all the furniture first from cushions to legs and springs. Make sure the tables are assemble correctly. Check to see if every screw is properly in the table and chairs. Protection Plan is BS
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Never in my life would i ever go to this BS store again they lie to you in order to get your money telling you anything and everything and then once they have your money the BS comes 3 times I have tried to get my sofa deliver and they always come up with BS the 1st time the guy CUT my sofa unpacking it the 2nd time they called me saying that the sofa got damage the 3rd time it was ripped and then they come out saying that they would give me a gift certificate to bob's??? *** TO THE NO!!! I told her after all this do you really think i would want to get something else from this BS store I don't care if they would give me a $3,000.00 sofa for $9.00 they could shove it up their azzes


Hi Evelyn,

This doesn't sound right to me. I'd be happy to arrange for a Bob's tech to visit your home to make any necessary repairs. If you'd contact me at I'll be in touch shortly...Thanks, Eric.

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