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I have a total of three Bob’s Discount Purchases in my home. Two, my husband and I made; and one made by my mother-in-law; and all three have turned out to be huge mistakes. The three purchases include: a sofa and love seat set; a dining room set; and a bedroom set.

Now, you’re probably saying, “Didn’t you learn after the first two?” However, we bought our sofa and love seat set at the same time we bought our dining room set (within a week or so of each other). Therefore, we didn’t know what junk the material was. The bedroom set, which was purchased by my mother-in-law, was not our choice. She offered to buy us a bedroom set for Christmas; as long as it was from Bob’s Discount Furniture because she has an account (and asking for the money to go else-where was not an option… for those of you that are thinking that). Therefore, we weren’t paying for it so we said yes. Again, BIG mistake.

Let me start with the couches… We bought the large 96” sofa and 76” loveseat because my husband is 6’4” and wanted to be able to lie down on a couch without having his feet hang over. For the first few months, the couches were great. They were sturdy. They didn’t sag when they were filled with people sitting on them. And they seemed easy to clean, even with a toddler and a dog. Jump ahead not even 3 years later. The couches are a mess. The throw pillows are flat. The back pillow cushions are uneven. When you sit, you feel as if you are on the floor. And most importantly… the frame feels as if it has broken on all the arms. It literally feels are if there is broken wood with a V notion from snapping. So if you lean on the arm to shut off the light which is next to the couch, you have to do it ever so delicately as to not fall in (well, that is what it feels like). And let me also note that we have already had to use the Goof Proof to have the large couch replaced a week after we got it because it came with a broken frame. The movers put it up against the wall and never had me inspect it when it arrive so I had no idea it was broken. A week after we had the couch, I dropped something behind it and we had to move the couch forward and noticed the wood was V’ing out. But wait, there’s more. After I called to have it replaced (which they were happy to do…) they came with a new couch on ONE delivery, which was broken one way or another and they wouldn’t deliver. So I had to call and book ANOTHER delivery. Let me add that they require someone to be home for a full day, though they give you a 2 hour window. So that took up 2 of my Saturdays!!! Nice, huh!

Now, onto the dining room set… We purchased the dining room set at the same time as the couches (again, a week or so apart) because my husband and I bought a new house and needed stuff to fill the space – our old condo didn’t call for a dining room set as we didn’t have a dining room. We purchased the wooden, pub height set. When it arrived, I immediately noticed a huge crack right down the table. When I called it out in front of the delivery guy he said, “Oh, I can fix that.” And he pulled out a marker with a stain and put it over the crack to cover it up. And I said, “Oh no, no, no. I paid for this set in cash. I want a brand new table without a crack, down the exact middle.” And tried telling me it was a “weathering crack.” So again, I lived with a cracked table for two weeks before they replaced it. A while ago, I had to use Goof Proof because a pizza box (yes, a pizza box) made a big bubble pop in the stain. How that makes sense, I have no idea! And again, a man came out and sanded down the area and applied a stain which did NOT help the look of the table. You can clearly see the area he treated vs. the rest of the table. And now, I’m noticing, I have to tighten every screw on the chairs as they’re getting lose and ready to pop out.

And last but certainly not least…. The bedroom set. Now, let me explain that this is The Bahama Bob. Please see Bob’s description (especially where he says made from Solid Plantation Grown Mahogany): Bahama Bob- 8 Piece Queen Sleigh Package - With the island style of my Bahama Bob Collection, you'll feel like you're on vacation every night! Make your bedroom into your own tropical get away, and wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed each morning. Made from solid plantation grown mahogany in a rich, hand rubbed chocolate finish, this collection is the pinnacle of tropical elegance. Island luxury at this price? Only at my Bob's! Drawers are constructed with English dovetailing in front and French dovetailing in back. Wood on wood drawer glides with positive drawer stops.

First off… this is not made from 100% mahogany as the sales associate told me. There is NO WAY this is made from solid mahogany. Where to begin? This set was delivered two days after Christmas, so December 28th. About a week ago, a piece of wood fell, yes, fell out of the clear blue, off the tall chest on the left hand side. And a chest is not getting wear and tear, especially in less than 60 days. And to top it off, we don’t even use the storage part of the chest! Our t.v. hangs above the chest so you cannot open the storage section. When my husband called (again, purchased by my mom so she did not purchase Goof Proof), the person asked my husband, “Do you have the broken off piece?” I don’t know why they asked but my husband answered, “Yes I do. And if you think you’re just going to glue it back on. That is unacceptable. I want a new chest. This set was paid for in cash and a new chest is what I want. Not a refurbished piece of furniture using glue.” On top of that, a week or so ago, I felt like the middle of the bed was sinking and I looked under and noticed two of the support beams were on the floor, lying there. I don’t know if they weren’t installed properly or what, but there they were. Then, I dropped the tv remote behind the bed last night and my husband moved out the bed and we heard this big crack. So we looked under the bed again to find TWO MORE support beams on the floor. This left only the bed legs supporting our large, heavy mattress and box spring. He and I took off the mattress and the box spring to find the cheapest particle board as the support rails for this large bed which is supposedly made from 100% solid mahogany. What a piece of junk!! And to top it off, my daughter already scratched the top of the nightstand. She isn’t even two and her nails are short. Again, cheap, cheap, cheap!! Even if she didn’t do it with her finger nails, I can’t imagine she had anything strong or sharp enough to do real damage on a nice piece of furniture. But no, Bob’s piece of junk scraped. Again – SOLID MAHOGANY!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Cushion.

Monetary Loss: $3350.

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