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I bought a nice recliner from the Waterford, CT showroom this month. I live in a converted outbuilding and the hall from the front door to the living room is extremely narrow - every piece of furniture I have ever had has to come through the living room window.

I have never seen a recliner that doesn't come apart, though, so I figured I wouldn't have a problem here. When I asked the salesman if this chair came in 2 sections, he looked mystified and said "no - not that I know of."

I figured, must be something Bob does - one-piece recliners. When I brought the chair back from the warehouse in a big carton, I took off my outdoor storm window (requires stepladder), my blinds, my curtains, and both the upper and lower indoor windows to put the chair through. I had a few strong friends standing by to list it up and in. We undid the box and yes, you guessed it, two pieces.

The chair came down my narrow hall just fine after I took the salesman's word for this and did all the preparation. When I tried to put the storm window back up the next day, the wood had swollen so in the humidity that it won't fit. I now have to wait for cooler, dryer weather as my outside window sits there up against the house.

What a pain in the *** and unnecessary trouble. If you're going to sell furniture, you should be trained in something as simple as this, am I wrong??

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Recliner.

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I don't think they sell that many different items at Bob's -- chairs, couches, beds, dining tables and entertainment centers. As time goes by, it seems more and more ludicrous that this salesman didn't know that recliners come in two pieces!!!


If you do not know what you are selling you do not belong in that job ... Period

Example: Does that car come with 4 tires sir? euhm ... oh ... euhm ... I have no idea, I think so ...

Yeah, perfect sales person ...


What is wrong with you? How many different pieces of furniture is in Bob's?

If I asked you obscure questions about your job I bet you would give a few wrong answers yourself.

Take some responsibility. Delete your post.

#88010 are an ***.


I do blame myself for being foolish enough to not open the box first. That should go without saying. What is an MLM??


Yes.. Blame the Salesman for not knowing that the recliner came in two pieces. He is happy to have a job and is learning everyday he is there.

Blame yourself for everything else. You are the *** living in a cramped closet where everything has to come through a window. It is probably a firetrap and you will blame the Emergency Personnnel who have to extract you in the event of a fire or accident. Blame yourself again for not opening the box first. You are the kind of *** who buys Life Insurance from a guy on the street or listens to a sales-pitch for any MLM and finds it interesting.

Now, go sit in your recliner and cry about how nobody told you (until now) what a whineybutt you are.