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A friend and I went to Bob's for our living room furniture. We purchased a sofa and loveseat, a recliner, a coffee table and two side tables on May 18th.

We were told that everything would be ready within a week or so, but we'd definitely have our things before June 10 (because we chose a different color for the recliner, it was "special order"). June 10 came and went, we called numerous times over a couple of days, and finally got a delivery date for the tables and recliner. (Apparently, our couches were going to take just a couple more days.) We weren't home to receive the delivery, and when we got there, discovered that the deliverymen had damaged the coffee table. I called Bob's, and they said they'd bring us a new table along with the couches, which would be ready, we were told, by the end of the week.

That deadline passed, we called and called, got no answer other than "any day now", and finally we drove back to the store on 6/16, nearly a month after the purchase date. At the store, we are informed that the couches we purchased had been discontinued and that someone else had already bought the floor model. But we were welcome to take an altered model of the couches in flaming red (rather than sage green). No one had bothered to tell us all this time, when we asked over and over again about the couches, that we would NEVER be getting our furniture.

We had to pick out a brand new set, and when we asked for a small discount, were flatly refused. But I accepted. I just wanted some furniture in my new apartment! I reminded the employee that Bob's needed to deliver my new coffee table with the new couches, as they had promised.

They delivered the sofas today, and guess what, no table! We've called, flipped out, and finally gotten them to give us some kind of compensation (they haven't worked out what it will be yet, but I don't have much hope). Too much work and worry. We thought if we followed up on everything, we'd be fine.

Clearly, following up with these employees gets you nowhere!

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