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The service and care that I received while dealing with the Bob store in Freeport, NY was absolutely horrifying. Truly horrendous.

1st of all - I went, with my fiance in Mid May 2011 to buy living room furniture for a house that we were going to closing on. We explained to the salesman, Keith, that the closing date was yet to be determined but would like the furniture for June 1st if possible. He said "absolutely - and if the furniture should arrive we will hold it and deliver it whenever you need it." We were so pleased with that response. So we picked a sofa and love seat set, a coffee table and matching end tables.

The last week in May we hadnt heard anything and we had determined our closing date so my fiance contacted the Freeport store, spoke with our salesman, and was then notified that the furniture would not be available until July 26th. With this information in mind he then traveled to the store to meet with Keith in person.

After discussing it, and getting nowhere fast he asked, "is there anything in the store, within reason, that will definitely be available by June 11th, as this was our closing date. To this he responded "absolutely" and showed my fiance ANOTHER set for $200 more. Stuck with no other option, he agreed to pay the extra fee (bringing our total to $1600). The delivery date was set for June 11, 2011.

On June 9th we received a call confirming our delivery for June 11 between 630 - 830 am. On June 10th, we received another call saying that the entire set would not be delivered. We would get everything but the sofa. Aggravated but once again stuck, we accepted partial delivery.

On that delivery we were given paperwork that stated the delivery date for the sofa would be June 28th. So here we are....

Yesterday we received a call confirming our delivery for today between 830-1130am. My fiance owns a business. He closed the office to sit at home and wait. At noon he contacted me and said the sofa had still not been delivered. I called Bobs and was told after being put on hold for 13 mins that when the driver went to get the sofa from the warehouse it wasnt there. That there would, in fact, be no delivery today. We never received a phone call. It wasnt until I contacted them that I found out what was going on. Our sofa will not be delivered until July 23rd. To which I was told, by Rachel the store manager, "well in life there are no guarantees". So theres no telling if the sofa will arrive that day or not.

I also stated my concern about the color of the fabric, since it wont be from the same bolt being shades different and she said that was a possibility. I asked that the love seat be picked up.

After being on the phone for 1 hour and 36 mins I no longer want the furniture from Bobs. I didnt like the service I received either in the store or on the phone. Our salesman was the worst of them all. When I stated that I had half the mind to contact the BBB and Shame On You his response was "go ahead, people do it all the time."

I have a scheduled pick up some time this week. I am expecting a call back. I will never refer Bobs stores to anyone asking. I will warn people of my horrible experience. I will tell people to spend there money elsewhere because with Bobs there are no guarantees.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set.

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After reading dozens of negative reviews for Bobs Discount Furniture I have decided that I don't need this kind of hassle. Thanks to all of your reviews I won't be making the mistake of dealing with this company.

I saw a bedroom suite that I wanted but after reading all the reviews and the problems people has had with the company then I knew I didn't want to buy any furniture from them. Thanks posters,you saved me from making a mistake.