Worst experience ever... I bought a couch, still hasn't come. It has been 7 weeks and they promised it in 3-5. Also, they missed the first and second delivery date. Awful, awful, awful customer service as well.

This store is an absolute joke. I do not know how they will continue to get business. I wish I had seen this page prior to going there.

Terrible, Terrible, Terrible, Terrible. I need to make this 100 words so I am continuing to type this. Bob's is not worth even looking at. Horrible store. Just absolutely horrible! Do not go to Bob's.

Review about: Bobs Discount Furniture Delivery Service.

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Working Man
Joliet, Illinois, United States #235970

I feel your pain!!!! I, too had that same experience...I canceled that order, and never again. :(

bobs bullshit furniture
Milan, Indiana, United States #234584

did you purchase the *** goof proof plan? and the salesman told you everything is covered under it?

dont believe them.

I think they switched from the "guardsmen" warranty people to another one, I found out when I called guardsmen for warranty work, the customer service agent asks me if I called Bobs first, I told her no, she said "dont call them", so I started to wonder why she would tell me that.

I found out that guardsmen is no longer with Bobs *** furniture. probably, either cause, bobs furniture is so ***, guardsmen couldnt handle all the claims, OR guardsmen is *** too, and wasnt keeping up its deal with bobs.

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