i took my 88 year old friend & my mother to bobs of orange to buy 2 recliners,. the sales man was very knowledgeable and was very nice he could see that ken & my mother were very old, everything was fine ken liked what mark showed and we went down stairs to pay that's when everything went wrong, ken wanted to pay by check the two ladies were doing everything they could to stop the sale bobs uses a check service they wanted ken to show a drivers license he's 88 they then asked for another ID which he showed them again no good no Mather what we showed them they said the system would not take it they keep asking for his drivers license he's 88 they were not goings to take his check and they were really rude with a we don't care attitude after what seem like 1/2 hour more like 10 min the sales mark said give it to the manager who had just walked in in less than 10 seconds he said take the check they still argue with him he told take the check he would sign for it they ran the check it when right thru they were the worst people ever. never tried to pay by check if you don't drive

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i understand your frustration but having worked in retail for several years, i can tell you that the DMV issues a non-driving photo identification that has an id # like a driver's license (at least in NJ). most check processing companies require a driver's license number and if you don't drive, you can get one of these.


I don't see what is wrong with this story. That would've happened anywhere no matter how old you are? What bcuz he was 88 he can't have bad checks???


Once while i was in Superior Court a Judge was upset with his staff...

His remark was When you pay Peanuts , you get Monkeys...

it was not a racial remark AL


I don't understand the problem, that's standard business practice... you know, drivers license or other picture ID necessary to accept a check to ensure the person giving it to them is the account holder. That is weird!

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